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Enerlogic<sup>®</sup> Film Enerlogic<sup>®</sup> Film

Double Glazing Alternative

Looking for double-glazing alternatives? Enerlogic® offers an alternative to double-glazing that uses advanced glass insulation technology to meet those needs.

Enerlogic® window films are a double-glazing alternative allowing all the efficiency of a glazing upgrade. These films allow all the gains in efficiencies of a glazing upgrade, to either a single glazed window or a clear double-glazed unit, and all without the expense, inconvenience and impact on the environment of double glazed replacement windows.

When professionally applied, Enerlogic® window films have an average annual insulation improvement of up to 92% compared to the same single pane of glass without Enerlogic® Window Film applied.

No Other Alternative to Double Glazing Comes Close to Enerlogic® Energy Saving Films

In New Zealand

In a typical 4-bedroom home, to remove existing inefficient single glazing and replace with clear double glazed windows would cost around $25,000*. To install Enerlogic® window film on all the same inefficient single glazed windows, in that same home would be about $7,000*. That's almost a quarter of the price.

Comparison Double Glazing vs Enerlogic<sup>®</sup> Comparison Double Glazing vs Enerlogic<sup>®</sup>

* Price's indicated are based on the average cost to install EnerLogic 35.

In the example stated above, Enerlogic® window film is a more cost effective and 'green' solution to double-glazing. And that's a fact!

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No other window film can match EnerLogic's reduced annual energy consumption and cost savings. With its low cost, high return technology, Enerlogic® is way ahead of standard window films, making them virtually redundant. Enerlogic® is the new trend in double glazed windows.

If you're in the market for either new or retrofit double-glazing, think EnerLogic, revolutionary glass insulation.