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Enerlogic<sup>®</sup> Film Enerlogic<sup>®</sup> Film

How Enerlogic® Energy Saving Films Work

For high performance window film solutions, and specifically for insulation benefits, look no further than Enerlogic® 35 and Enerlogic® 70 . Both these films allow all the gains in efficiencies of a glazing upgrade to either a single glazed window or a clear double glazed unit.

Enerlogic® Energy Saving window film actually transforms poorly insulating windows into highly energy-efficient windows. When professionally applied, Enerlogic® window film has an average annual insulation improvement of 92% compared to the same glass without Enerlogic® applied and all without the expense, inconvenience and impact on the environment of window replacement.

No other energy efficient solution designed for your windows compares to Enerlogic® .

Experience Enerlogic<sup>®</sup> Energy Efficiency Now Enerlogic<sup>®</sup> Energy Efficiency Now

See how Enerlogic® window film solutions provide innumerable benefits.

  • Further savings can be had in regard to time, money and substantial reduction of greenhouse gases as a result of not having to manufacture new glass and new window frames, or to dispose of the old glazing system into landfill.

  • Enerlogic® Window Films is a WERS (Window Energy Rating Scheme) rated window film with 'heating stars' when applied to a generic aluminium framed window with 3mm clear glass. That means savings for heating costs that would normally go out the window.

When it comes to insulating performance, EnerLogic's® window film solution is the clear winner.

Unlike standard solar and low-e window films, which produce savings only during hot or warm seasons when cooling is required, Enerlogic® window films is an all-season 'insulation' product, low-emissivity (Low-E) film that produces savings in both cooling and heating seasons - in fact, all year round.

Enerlogic® window films are a truly exceptional product in respect of its technical characteristics and performance.

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