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Insulation Window Film Insulation Window Film

Glasshield® are proud to be able to offer you a choice of the world's leading two Insulation Films.

Enerlogic® Window Films Revolutionary Glass Insulation

Enerlogic® Energy Saving Window Films are a revolutionary glass insulation coating transforming poorly insulated windows into highly energy efficient windows. In fact Enerlogic® window films have the same thermal performance to that of standard double-glazing or Low E glass, but at a significantly lower cost to glass replacement.

With its low cost, high return technology and reduced annual energy consumption, Enerlogic® is way ahead of the field in heat retention and overall energy efficiency.

3MTM ThinsulateTM Climate Control Window Film TM

3MTM ThinsulateTM Climate Control Window Film helps keep the warmth in during the winter and the cool conditioned air in during the summer -- keeping the weather out where it belongs – all season, every season. This window film helps reduce cold/hot spots in your home, improving overall comfort for you and your family.

3MTM ThinsulateTM Climate Control Window Film is a low emissivity or "low-e" window film which improves the insulation value of a typical single pane window close to that of a double pane window and the insulation value of a typical double pane window close to a triple pane window. This film will make your windows more efficient and save you money on energy costs at a fraction of the cost of replacing your windows.

Now you can enjoy energy savings and create comfort with Enerlogic® window films.