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  • Enerlogic VEP70 applied in our tenanted house in Dunedin, June 2017.

    Our tenant came up yesterday afternoon, so happy! The heater in the living room had turned off. She set it up a degree or two and in a short time it turned off again. And she was so comfortable, no cold against her back when she sits in the chair by the window. Also, you're such a nice man, Brent and travelled down from Glasshield Wellington to do our place.

    Let me know when you're coming down again, will get the kitchen and one of the bedrooms done, possibly both. Now we have experienced the difference in comfort, and difference in how much electricity the heater uses.

    I've already emailed one friend, the one who was thinking about making up frames with plastic to put over their windows, and talked to another. Wouldn't it be great if you could have a family trip to Dunedin "free" i.e. picking up a few jobs here to pay for it!

    You can't believe how much I appreciate what you did for me. I'll be doing whatever I can to spread the word about the product and about your excellent service. Kathinka - Dunedin June 2017

  • We had Enerlogic VEP70 applied to the south facing rooms of our single glazed house in June 2012.

    We moved into the house in September 2011 from a double glazed house of similar age (3.5 years) and were really affected by the drop in warmth of the house. After the installation of the film we noticed a definite improvement in the warmth of the house. The rooms with the film retained their heat and in general went from unpleasantly cold to only slightly cooler than the main rooms of the house.

    To confirm what we already knew, we borrowed a laser thermometer and the windows with film were about 5 degrees warmer than those without.

    We are very impressed with the installation and the level of customer care we have received. Brent knows his product and is very thorough with the quality of his instillation work.

    We are so glad we saw your product at the Home Show. We couldn't afford the $30,000 required to retrofit with double glazing and this way we are getting most of the benefits of double glazing for about a third of a the price. We intend to put Enerlogic VEP70 on the rest of the house next year.

    Thanks again Brent, we are very happy customers.

    Alex - Nelson Ave, Aotea
  • Since having Enerlogic installed on our windows in our house, we have noticed a marked difference in our living areas.  Our house faces north, and the light and heat from the afternoon sun during Summer was becoming overpowering.  We decided to look at window film as a potential heat reflector.  It has not only proved excellent for that, but it also provides us so much less glare that we no longer have to lower the blinds.  I can actually sit near the window and read my book, whereas previously the heat would prove too much and I would have to draw the blinds.

    The other huge benefit is the privacy it provides.  Our house looks out over a valley with houses facing it - we often felt like we were living in a goldfish bowl.  We now have complete privacy due to the mirror-like effect of the film!

    We are looking forward to Winter to enjoy the heat retention benefits of the film, and plan to have the downstairs windows covered in Autumn next year.

    This is a great product and Brent's quick and thorough work made the process painless.  Thanks Brent!

    Cecilia Thrift
  • Glasshield® provided multiple benefits at our house high above Wellington. Tinted film NS28 was used upstairs and down to cut daytime glare, protect the furniture from fading and to enhance our spectacular night view across the airport and city. Film V38 was used to provide privacy across the side of the house very close to our neighbours and safety film was applied to the back windows and glass doors to prevent break-ins. Glasshield® also applied frosted film on our bathroom and laundry windows giving complete privacy without compromising the light.

    In addition to the life-style benefits provided we noticed a significant drop in our power bill. Glasshield® was one of the best investments we ever made.

    David Kinzett - Wellington
  • Glasshield®'s V14 Sky Blue Solar Series Film was applied to the front windows of our house in Greytown allowing us privacy from the road without compromising the lovely view.V38 Sky Blue Solar Series Film was applied to windows down the side of shaded driveway which neighbours look into and frosted film was applied to two lower bedrooms windows giving perfect privacy throughout the house.

    Glynne MacLean - Greytown

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