Window Insulation Film

Reduce energy costs significantly.
Keep cozy in winter, stay cool over summer.
Commercial and residential applications.


What is the problem?

Around one-third of the energy used to heat and cool buildings in this part of the world is lost through poorly insulated, single-pane windows. Aside from being expensive to run, your home or business premises might be uncomfortable to live or work in as the result of inadequate window insulation.

Our window insulation solutions

Our thermal control window films, professionally installed, increase the insulation value of your windows. They help to keep your home, office or shop warm in winter and cool in summer. Your living or working environment will be more comfortable, and the load on air-conditioning systems will be reduced.

Significant energy cost savings are achievable when all windows are covered, so you’ll have more money in your pocket. (More than one-third of the average Kiwi household’s energy budget goes on heating and cooling the home.)

Our window insulation solutions outperform double-glazing alternatives, and are more convenient, less costly, and kinder to the environment than window replacement (there is no waste to go to landfill). Plus, you'll be covered by our comprehensive commercial or residential warranty when we install your film.

Increase Comfort

Reduce Waste

Improve Efficiency

Save Money

T e s t i m o n i a l


"Glasshield window insulation film was applied in our tenanted house in Dunedin, June 2017. Our tenant came up ... so happy! The heater in the living room had turned off. She set it up a degree or two and in a short time it turned off again. And she was so comfortable, no cold against her back when she sits in the chair by the window … You can't believe how much I appreciate what you did for me. I'll be doing whatever I can to spread the word about the product and about your excellent service."

Kathinka, Dunedin

Our specialist window insulation films from 3M™ and MEP are low-emissivity (“low-E”) products that improve the thermal performance of the glass in your homes, shops, and offices.


Transmit up to 74% of visible light


Reduce heat loss in winter by up to 40%


Reduce heat gain in summer by up to 50%


Reduce glare by up to 59%


Reject more than 99% of UV light

Year-round glass insulation

Our insulation films perform all year round. They retain warmth during winter, and reflect solar heat to keep you cool over the summer months. They also improve comfort by reducing hot and cold spots in your living or working space.

Energy-efficient windows

A professional window insulation film installation on single or double windows (clear or tinted) is about 30 per cent less than the cost of reglazing. The performance of our climate control window films effectively turns a single-paned into a double-glazed window, and a double-glazed into a triple-glazed window.

Appearance and protection

Our insulation films for window glass transmit a high proportion of visible light and have a neutral appearance. This maintains the appearance of your residential or commercial property. At the same time, they block harmful solar radiation, providing protection against sun damage to your assets as well as improving the health and safety of your people.

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What is low-E window film?

Glass is a highly emissive material – it absorbs and emits more than 90% of radiant thermal energy. This means that window panes transmit a large amount of solar light and heat, including damaging UV rays, into the interior of buildings. It also means that ambient heat can be easily lost through the panes when the weather is cooler. Without window insulation, energy is required to heat and cool buildings. The cost of this is substantial.

Low-emissivity (low-E) window film technology effectively transforms window glass from a highly emissive to a less emissive surface, while maintaining glass transparency and admitting visible light. Heating and cooling costs are lowered, everyone is more comfortable, furniture and floor coverings are protected from rapid fading, and the window insulation film pays for itself in a matter of months.

Ask us today how we can improve the comfort of your home or office and help you save money on energy bills.

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