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Glasshield is a New Zealand company that specialises in supplying and installing premium window films. Our quality products provide affordable window tinting solutions for homes, as well as offices, shops, and public buildings. They reduce the effects of glare and heat from the sun, while enhancing energy savings, security, privacy, and glass protection.

The benefits of using us to install your window film:

  • Clear and distortion-free adhesive
  • No construction mess – no major disruptions
  • Tested, accredited and registered installers
  • Products are easy to clean and maintain

Our products are designed with sustainability as a goal,
and to meet New Zealand climatic conditions.

Our window film solutions provide multiple benefits

Our window coating products provide cost-effective solutions, whether you require solar, privacy, safety, or anti-graffiti window protection. We’ve been providing New Zealand home-owners, businesses, government agencies and public organisations with top-quality service and products for more than 20 years. We’re proud members of the Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand, and registered master tinters.

Glasshield are proud to to offer our customers around New Zealand a choice of the world’s leading window films from 3M and MEP, that improve the energy efficiency, safety and appearance of your windows and glass surfaces.

Their thermal performance is four times better than other window films, and they offer all the benefits of a glazing upgrade without the expense.

All Glasshield glass window films are covered by warranties from 10 years to limited lifetime.

The coatings are usually applied to the inside of windows, partitions, door panels, and other glass surfaces using a transparent, non-toxic adhesive. Our window films will not block your view, but will actually enhance it by reducing glare.

Our specialised solar window films reduce heat and glare, and the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays during summer. This helps to control fading of carpets, curtains and furnishings. In winter, these window coatings can reduce heat loss. Not only will your home, business or office be more comfortable, but the load on airconditioning systems will be reduced, saving you energy and maintenance costs.

Check out examples of our work in New Zealand.

T e s t i m o n i a l


“We are so glad we saw your product at the Home Show. We couldn’t afford the $30,000 required to retrofit with double glazing and this way we are getting most of the benefits of double glazing for about a third of the price. Thanks again Brent, we are very happy customers.”

Alex, Nelson Ave, Aotea


Stay cool in summer,
warm in winter

Save energy and money in your home or office with our window insulation films, which block solar energy in summer and reduce heat loss in winter. Improve the insulation performance of your single-glazed windows by 88%, at 30% less than the cost of reglazing.


Protect your windows
and people

An affordable alternative to safety glass, the laminated layers in our world’s toughest safety and security window films protect glass from scratching, graffiti, and shattering, and improve privacy and security. These benefits are additional to energy efficiency and solar control.


Prevent glare and
reduce fading

Our specialised solar window films block up to 99% of UV rays, nullifying glare inside the room, improving light and heat control, and enhancing your view outside. They reduce fading of furnishings, curtains, and carpets in both commercial and residential buildings.


Stand out from
the crowd

Transform the clear glass of your shop or office frontage into a bold advertisement, by displaying your design or logo on window film. Or create a sand-etched effect on the glass partitions inside your office with our specialty film, giving clients added privacy.

Let's talk about the best window film for what you need.

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