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Decorative Window Film

Glasshield offers a wide range of decorative window film allowing you to achieve unique visual effects at a fraction of the cost of colour-shifting glass. Whether it’s your council, department or company logo, a graphic pattern or colourful imagery – there’s no limit to the effects that can be achieved.

Using either computer-cut technology or digital graphics, we offer an economical way to transform clear glass into an exciting medium to promote your business or brand.

Our decorative window film is suitable for glass surfaces inside your building, where it can help to:

  • Define your interior areas, while maintaining an open-plan feel
  • Enhance privacy without sacrificing light
  • Conceal unwanted spaces.
logo on film
decorative commercial exterior

See our commercial portfolio for more decorative window film installations.

Etched film coatings for interior glass

Within your premises, client privacy can be enhanced by applying our coatings with a dust or sand-etched decorative appearance, to glass partitions and office walls.

  • Used extensively in glass partitions on commercial offices to create either full or partial privacy.
  • Has the look of real acid-etched glass.
  • Eliminates the need for sandblasting.
  • Light off-white colour; or sparkled sand-blasted appearance.
  • Vinyl film has less static to reduce dust.
  • Strengthens glass for added safety.

We can work with your design team to provide advice about the best solution for decorative glass tinting in your workplace. We tailor our recommendations to suit your specific needs and situation, and you’ll be covered by our warranty.

How to care for your decorative window film

Cleaning window film on the inside of the glass requires a bit of care, but nothing special. Our films are almost as hard as glass itself and resist scratching. We recommend cleaning the etched or coloured window film with a micropore cloth and mild soap. Avoid using household cleaners, and especially ammonia-based cleaning products, abrasive cloths, or scouring pads.

3M decorative film
custom colour film