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Window Privacy Film

Protect your privacy without compromising your views.

You might have a panoramic view through your windows – many New Zealand homes do. Yet perhaps you can’t enjoy it to the full because just as you can see out, others can see in! And many people working from home find they need extra privacy during the day. Our solution is specialised window privacy film that helps you to stay private and gives you a better view, night and day. There’s no need to hide a great view behind blinds!

Window privacy film – unimpeded views plus glare protection

Often we recommend and install 3M™ Prestige privacy film for windows. This advanced product has the virtue of being virtually invisible, so views are unimpeded. It also provides excellent protection for interiors against the sun’s glare.

The transparency of the Prestige product can be seen in the image. One window pane has film installed, and the other doesn’t. Can you tell which is which?

Our unique privacy window film series from 3M™ and MEP blocks damaging UV rays, reduces glare, and rejects up to 71% of the sun’s heat. These films have been engineered to allow 15% to 35% of natural light in through the windows by day. Their low interior reflectivity combined with higher exterior reflectivity means you can enjoy your night views with enhanced window privacy.

privacy window film transparency

Frosted window film

Windows requiring additional privacy such as bathroom panes and interior glass surfaces can be transformed with the application of opaque or frosted window film.

See our privacy window film installations

With 20 years of industry experience, we can recommend the best privacy glass film for your needs, for both commercial and residential applications. Our accredited window film installers work to very high standards. You’ll be covered by our limited lifetime commercial or residential warranty.

How to care for your window privacy film

Cleaning window film on the inside of the glass requires a bit of care, but nothing special. Our films are almost as hard as glass itself and resist scratching. We recommend cleaning the film with a micropore cloth and mild soap. Avoid using household cleaners, and especially ammonia-based cleaning products, abrasive cloths, or scouring pads.

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