UV Window Film – Stop Glare, Reduce Fading

Our specialised UV window film, designed for New Zealand conditions, provides a barrier against damaging ultraviolet rays. Once applied, the clear, scratch-resistant coating will block hazardous UV light from penetrating window glass, and provide multiple benefits. Our window tinting films, when applied to the glass of residential, industrial, and public buildings, can block 99%-plus of UV light, 80% of solar heat, and reduce glare by 85%.

Types of UV energy from the sun

This radiation is potentially the most damaging because of its high energy levels. Fortunately, at this time, all UVC is absorbed by oxygen and ozone in the atmosphere and never reaches the Earth’s surface.

Although UVB radiation has some beneficial effects, including the production of Vitamin D in humans, the harmful effects can be serious, causing sunburn, melanoma and other skin cancers, and damage to the eye tissue.

This radiation is responsible for the generation of photochemical smog and is the single most destructive UV band on fabrics and plastics – resulting in degradation and colour loss.

Being shaded from the sun's direct light rays provides only partial protection from UV radiation exposure because of high levels of diffuse or reflected UV radiation.


Double the life of your furnishings

The number one cause of fading is UV rays. When applied to the inside of window glass, Glasshield film protects human skin, carpets, drapes, paintings, furniture, and fittings from hazardous and damaging UV rays, heat and bright sunlight. Glasshield UV blocking window film is formulated to deflect almost all UVB, UVA, and UVC rays.

Here's a summary of the benefits of our UV window film:

  • Original colour guaranteed to last.
  • Rejects up to 73% heat.
  • Provides day-time privacy.
  • Excellent glare reduction.
  • Very low internal reflection day or night.
  • Attractive low-sheen grey appearance externally and externally.
  • Strengthens glass for added safety.
  • Over 98% of harmful UV rays rejected.
  • Very good fade reduction.
  • World’s toughest scratch-resistant surface.
  • Clear distortion-free adhesive.
  • Reduces energy costs all year round.
  • Lifetime warranty.

3M and EnerLogic window films block UV rays

Our range of 3M window films for safety, security, and climate control in both residential and commercial applications, also reject almost 100% of ultraviolet light. The result is reduced fading of furniture, upholstery, hardwood floors, and window treatments, and a cool, comfortable environment in the summer heat and glare.

Our EnerLogic window films, in addition to their renowned heat-reflecting and insulation benefits, prevent penetration by 99% of UV light, offer excellent fade reduction, and reject up to 63% of glare.

Before After

UV film cuts glare and enhances views

Our anti-glare UV window film makes a dramatic difference to interiors. It cuts the heat and glare and UV light, and increases privacy, while improving the view from your windows.

T e s t i m o n i a l


“Since having EnerLogic installed on our windows in our house, we have noticed a marked difference in our living areas.  Our house faces north, and the light and heat from the afternoon sun during summer was becoming overpowering.  We decided to look at window film as a potential heat reflector.  It has not only proved excellent for that, but it also provides us so much less glare that we no longer have to lower the blinds.  I can actually sit near the window and read my book, whereas previously the heat would prove too much and I would have to draw the blinds.”

Cecilia Thrift

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