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Protect your people and property & enhance your privacy

Glasshield window protection films increase glass safety, security and shatter resistance by strengthening windows with laminated layers. An affordable alternative to safety glass, they protect the windows in your home, commercial or public building from damage, whether intentional or accidental. All our glass protection coatings have the world’s toughest scratch and shatter-resistant surfaces.

The enhanced personal privacy for your bathrooms and bedrooms provided by our specialist window coatings also makes your property less attractive to burglars.

Our window protection films have numerous applications in public buildings, government buildings and schools. In addition to enhancing security, safety, and privacy, they provide protection against the harmful rays of the sun, maintaining a comfortable indoor environment, and reducing power bills - while looking good. Most schools in New Zealand use clear safety films for windows to protect our young people. You can do the same in your home as well.

We install premium protective films for windows from the world’s leading suppliers, and tailor our recommendations to your specific needs and situation.

T e s t i m o n i a l


“Glasshield's V14 Sky Blue Solar Series Film was applied to the front windows of our house in Greytown, allowing us privacy from the road without compromising the lovely view. V38 Sky Blue Solar Series Film was applied to windows down the side of the shaded driveway which neighbours look into, and frosted film was applied to two lower bedrooms windows, giving perfect privacy throughout the house.”

Glynne MacLean, Greytown


We provide specialised glass safety film for windows

When accidents, burglary, vandalism or other acts of malicious intent occur, our safety and security film from 3M is the smart solution. It gives you all the benefits of solar control combined with special security and safety features. Made from multiple layers of polyester laminated together and applied with special adhesives, these films hold glass pieces intact in the event of shattering. This helps prevent damage or unlawful entry to property and reduces the risk of injury due to flying shards of glass.

Consumer warranty: 3M window films come with a 10-year commercial warranty when professionally installed.

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Anti-graffiti window protection

We also offer specialist anti-graffiti window film. Imagine no longer having to clean up after vandals, nor having to continually replace glass ruined by graffiti.

Our anti-graffiti window film also makes scratches on the glass virtually invisible, and protects it against further damage, while providing insulation, and heat and glare reduction.

The film has a special gel coating that makes it easier to clean off graffiti. In the worst case scenario, you can simply peel off the damaged film and replace it - so much cheaper that having to replace entire panes of glass.

What's the best window protection film to provide safety, security and privacy at home, and at work?

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