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Glass Safety Film

Our glass safety film is designed to protect your windows, doors, balustrades, and glass partitions. An affordable alternative to safety glass, the film gives you all the benefits of solar control combined with special security and safety features. 

Glass protection inside and out

Our safety film for windows is engineered to minimise injury to people and protect property from glass hazards, natural disasters, seismic events, and spontaneous glass breakage. It will help you effectively meet glass safety standards at a fraction of the cost of replacement windows.

Shatter proof film for glass

Made from multiple layers of polyester laminated together and applied with special adhesives, our glass protection film helps to protect your window and door panes against scratching, shattering, vandalism, and break-ins. If a window does smash, it won’t shatter because the glass pieces are held intact by the film. This helps prevent damage or unlawful entry to property and reduces the risk of injury due to flying shards of glass.

See our commercial tinting portfolio for safety glass film installations.

Anti graffiti protection

Our anti graffiti window film can be applied to windows, public transport including bus and train stops, or bathroom mirrors and stalls. The film has a special gel coating that makes it easier to clean off graffiti. It provides a solid first line of defence against paint, gouges, scratches, tagging, and even acid etching. If vandalism does occur, you can simply peel off the damaged “sacrificial” film and replace it – so much cheaper than having to substitute entire panes of glass.

This anti graffiti coating renders existing scratches on the glass virtually invisible, and protects it against further damage. It also insulates, reflects heat and glare, and minimises the fading effects of ultraviolet radiation.

graffiti before
graffiti after

How to care for your glass safety film

Cleaning window film on the inside of the glass requires a bit of care, but nothing special. Our films are almost as hard as glass itself and resist scratching. We recommend cleaning the film with a micropore cloth and mild soap. Avoid using household cleaners, and especially ammonia-based cleaning products, abrasive cloths, or scouring pads.