Privacy & Safety Glass Film
- Window Protection

Cost-effective alternative to safety glass.
Enhance views as well as privacy.
Protect windows against vandalism.


What are the main issues with protecting your windows?

  1. Glass windows and doors are potentially vulnerable entry points into your home or business.
  2. Glass breaking as the result of criminal or accidental damage, a major weather event or earthquake is hazardous to your family, staff, and property.
  3. The display windows fronting your premises can get scratched, or subjected to etching and graffiti by vandals.
  4. You want to enjoy the views from your picture windows at night but you’re concerned about privacy.

Our solutions to enhance your window safety, security and privacy

We install premium protective films for windows from the world’s leading suppliers, and tailor our recommendations to your specific needs and situation.

The laminated strengthening in Glasshield’s window protection films increase glass safety, security and shatter resistance. An affordable alternative to safety glass, they protect the windows in your home, commercial or public building from damage, whether intentional or accidental. All our glass protection coatings have the world’s toughest scratch and shatter-resistant surfaces.


Window film acts like safety glass and prevents shattering


Makes your windows more secure against break-ins


Enhance your privacy with reflective or frosted window coatings


Enjoy your night vistas better due to low interior reflection

Safety and security window films

These films give you all the benefits of solar control combined with special security and safety features. They effectively transform standard glass into safety glass, and help you deter crime.

Made from multiple layers of polyester laminated together and applied with special adhesives, these safety films hold glass pieces intact in the event of shattering. This helps prevent damage or unlawful entry to property and reduces the risk of injury due to flying shards of glass.

Improve your window privacy and outlook

The Solar and Night series window films from MEP minimise internal reflection to deliver superb views both at night and during the day, as well as reducing heat loss and gain and UV glare.

Windows requiring additional privacy such as bathroom panes, and interior glass surfaces can be transformed through application of frosted or opaque window films.

The Night Vision window film series from 3M™ provides solar control benefits including blocking damaging UV rays, reducing glare, and rejecting up to 71% of the sun’s heat. These films have been engineered to allow 15% to 35% of natural light in through the windows by day, and low interior reflectivity combined with higher exterior reflectivity means you can enjoy the views outside at night with enhanced privacy.

Get in touch to discuss what you need and we’ll tailor a solution for your home or business. Our accredited installers work to very high standards. You’ll be covered by our limited lifetime commercial or residential warranty.


T e s t i m o n i a l


“Glasshield's V14 Sky Blue Solar Series Film was applied to the front windows of our house in Greytown, allowing us privacy from the road without compromising the lovely view. V38 Sky Blue Solar Series Film was applied to windows down the side of the shaded driveway which neighbours look into, and frosted film was applied to two lower bedrooms windows, giving perfect privacy throughout the house.”

Glynne MacLean, Greytown

Before After

Anti-graffiti window protection

We also offer specialist anti-graffiti window film ideal for houses, shops, and high-traffic areas including buses and trains. Imagine no longer having to clean up after vandals, or having to continually replace glass ruined by scratches, etching, gouges, and tagging.

Our anti-graffiti window film also makes existing scratches on the glass virtually invisible, and protects it against further damage, while also providing insulation benefits, and reducing heat, glare, and the fading effects of UV radiation.

The film has a special gel coating that makes it easier to clean off graffiti. In the worst case scenario, you can simply peel off the damaged “sacrificial” film and replace it - so much cheaper that having to substitute entire panes of glass.

What's the best window privacy film to give you safety, security and peace of mind?

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